UNBELIEVABLE. Literally….unbelievable.


Do you remember playing tag, throwing around a football, playing baseball or lacrosse as a child? Doing cartwheels? Anyone? My guess is that as a kid you did at least one of these things, probably on a daily basis maybe at recess? I don’t know about you all, but I would very much like for my children to be able to take part in these activities because it teaches teamwork, builds friendships, and gives them something healthy to enjoy. Oh, and it’s FUN for them.

Sadly, Weber Middle School in Port Washington, NY has decided that their young students may not participate in these activities. They have literally banned students from playing with footballs or doing cartwheels. I’ve done the satire check on this and it’s real. This is actually happening. And I’d be naïve to think that other schools won’t soon be attempting to do the same.

While I don’t want to throw too much opinion into this…I’ve got to say upon finding this out I had to stop myself from puking up my breakfast. It saddens me that these things are happening and that children are no longer able to be children in many places. There is no normalcy in a child not being allowed to play, just as there is no normalcy in a child who’s only outlet is games on an iPhone and their closest communications through technology. I personally will never bring my children up in a technology-fueled, playtime-killing environment but it seems that with every day that passes our nation’s younger generations get further and further from reality. I could go on for days about this subject (but I won’t). I just hope that more parents begin to stand up and fight against the changes being imposed on their children.  


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