About Yesterday in D.C.


Much of the mainstream media and a handful of Democratic speakers were quick to jump the gun yesterday and blame this incident on the shutdown, which was extremely inaccurate and honestly, pretty pathetic. The woman (34 year old Miriam Carey of Connecticut) had a history of mental illness and believed that Obama himself was monitoring her home in CT in order to ‘broadcast it on television.’ She attempted at plowing her car through a barricade at the White House and then led police on a high-speed chase before being gunned down, according to reports. This is a sad story of a sick woman, which was used (what a surprise) by certain people to convince the public it all happened because of the government shutdown.


6 thoughts on “About Yesterday in D.C.

  1. I don’t for one second believe this woman “believed Obama was monitoring her home”. I think that is some BS made up by some news media person. In fact, I’m pretty sure they made that up. No one even KNEW who she was when that rumor started to propagate. While she may indeed have had mental issues, the AUTHORITIES specifically stated last evening that she was “a small, Somali woman”…. ummm WAS she? How do we know THAT? She had her PASSPORT on her (she has lived in the US for a long time from what other news media are reporting).

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